The dolls that I make are not play dolls and not recommended for very
  young children.  They are heirloom quality collectibles and need to be
  handled very gently. Many days and long hours are spent painting layer

  upon layer using acrylic air- dry paint, textured with heat-set dewy skin   

  medium. I mix my own colours to create realistic skin tone.


  My baby dolls  have micro-rooted silky-soft mohair.   I root the hair one

  strand at a time.  The dolls are weighted with fine glass  beads and

  poly-pellets, and stuffed with ultra soft fiber-fill for that cuddle  factor.


  These dolls are not made just to be displayed, but to be held, snuggled

  and mostly importantly to be loved forever. 

  The dolls in this gallery now live in different parts of the world.

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