Feedback from happy customers.

   Susan reborned a custom baby for me and she created an outstanding 
   baby, with outstanding presentation and clothing/accessories. I am so
   thrilled with my new baby and I just hope that one day I am able to adopt
   another one from her
:) Thanks so much Susan x

   Oh my goodness Susan, Gemma-Leigh is no less than magnificent and
   everything she came with is perfect! Thankyou from the bottom of my
   heart. I was so tired doing the box opening but ever so glad I didn't wait
   until morning. You and she have made me smile and lifted my spirits high. I
   think I will have to retire now so I can play with dolls all day long because I
   am not going to want her to leave my arms for a minute And her hair -
   stunning. And the clothes - you chose all the colours and things I adore.
   And the bassinette bag - brilliant. I am eternally grateful.
   With much love, Susan

   Susan redid my Harvey reborn and did such an amazing job. She
   transformed him into something  amazing! She is super talented and
   certainly dedicated! He is such a handsome guy now - the King
   of my reborns, hahaha! Thank you Susan for bringing Rory to life :)

   I adopted a custom baby boy from Susan. I am so happy with him! Susan's
   attention to detail and presentation is incredible. Her painting and rooting
   is phenomenal! I could not be more thrilled.  I hope to add another
   Pudditat baby to my collection in the future, I feel so lucky to own one of
   Susan's babies :heart:

   Susan made a wonderful bag for me and she also added a special diaper
   to match. I met her at DEDS  and I just love her. Her work is outstanding
   and she delivers very quickly. I love my bag, my diaper and her. Great

   I bought some more of Susan's amazing bassinet/carry bags and as
   always they are amazing!! Such high quality and a perfect design. They
   are wonderful!

   I am so excited tonight! My Fall Collection bag from Susan arrived, and
   it is stunning! Besides converting to a bassinet, I'm gonna get a lot of use
   as a tote, too. The bag is very striking, and my transaction with Susan was
   extremely smooth. Good communication and super fast shipping. Thanks,  
   Susan. I'll be getting another bag soon!

   I bought a custom bag from Susan. I told her what I needed and she
   designed and made it for me within a few days! It is exactly what I
   wanted & I couldn't be happier :) These bags are wonderful and I highly
   recommend them. Thanks Susan. It's always a pleasure to buy from you. <3

   I am now the proud owner of one of Susan's lovely carrier/bassunettes,
   She is amazingly talented and the bag is a real work of art. I love, love,
   love it. Susan was an angel to deal with--great communication, shipped
   quickly, and always very friendly. I could not be more pleased, and highly
   recommend her to everyone. Thanks a million, Susan.

   I bought the most beautiful baby from Susan. Her DEDS winner baby Till
   Scherer. I can't say enough about how stunning this girl is. She is def. a
   favorite at my house. I love her hair and her skintones are gorgeous!
   Susan also sent the most beautiful layette and extras with her. I would
   love to adopt  from Susan again anytime! Thank you so much Susan for
   my precious Sophia. I loved meeting you at DEDS! you were so sweet
   and pretty! I look forward to seeing you next year! Hugs my friend!

   I purchased more of Susan's Dizon Design bags & they arrived today!
   Even though this is my second purchase of bassinet bags, I'm totally blown
   away by the quality product that Susan makes!! Thank you, Susan!! I want

   Susan did a custom Harvey for me. He's amazing and everything I could
   have hoped for and so much more. From his hair (which is out of this world)
   to his chubby little toes He's out of this world. All the extras and the custom
   bag just add to the experience. Susan stays in touch and answers all my
   silly questions. Can't wait for my next Dizon Design baby.

   I purchased a gorgeous gown that Susan created. I immediately put it on
   my most favorite baby and  she looks stunning in it. Susan included a lovely
   bracelet and a beautiful headband. I wish everyone  could see this gown
   in person it is beyond amazing. I look forward to buying more of Susan's 
   amazing creations soon. Susan is an incredible artist.

   Thank you so much Susan for making me a custom Jiali! I love her so much! 
   Susan is an amazing artist and so multitalented. She put so much love and
   care into making this doll and sending her to me with amazing goodies. I
   would love to do business with her again in the future!

   I purchased one of Susan's bassinet-bags. Let me just say this bag is
   perfect. it so well made and so very clever. I love it. Susan ships fast and is
   such a sweetheart to work with. Great communication.
   You cannot go wrong when dealing with Susan.
   Thank you Susan. Hugs,Sherry

   I recently bought a reborn from Susan. He is Oscar and he's amazing.
   He is more than I expected in every way. His painting and hair are to die
   for. The bassinet/bag is adorable and his layette very special.
   Susan was awesome with communication thru the whole process. I am so
   pleased with Susan's work on Oscar she will be doing a Harvey get for me.
   Thanks Susan

   I purchased 2 beautiful baby bag/basinettes from Susan (including her
   special edition). These are the  most beautiful & well made bags I have
   ever seen! They are so versatile & such a unique idea. I'm very
   pleased & Susan even refunded part of my shipping when it cost less to
   send the package than she expected. Thank you, Susan!!

   I adopted an adorable baby from Susan. She arrived with a wonderful
   wardrobe, along with such  professional paperwork. The box opening was
   one of the best I have had, if not the best. I love my new
   baby, and will continue to be a repeat customer of Susan's. Happy Holidays!

   I asked Susan to make a special outfit for my April Prototype and without
   hesitation even though it was short notice, Susan created the most
   beautiful layette for my reborn. The outfit and accessories are  beautifully
   done!!! Susan did the entire outfit without ever seeing this doll she made
   the outfit on measurements alone!!! Talented lady!!! It was shipped out
   quickly too!!! I am so excited because this special doll has a 'designer' dress
   unlike any other!!! thank you Susan!!!!

   I purchased the most beautiful reborn and gorgeous handmade gown
   from Susan. I'm so pleased with with both, as they are BEAUTIFUL!! The box
   opening was wonderful, and Susan had added so many beautiful items.
   She allowed me to purchase the baby on a layaway, and she shipped her
   quickly after my last payment. I look forward to having more transactions
   with her in the future! Thanks so much
   Susan!! Hugs, Laurie J

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