Each Dizon Designs bag is made of high quality,  heavy-duty fabric with padded quilt lining.  Some are even reversible.  These bags are a discreet way to carry your reborn/silicone doll.  Perfect for travelling. I made the straps extra wide to avoid strain on your shoulders. The bags are very sturdy and can hold  two  reborn dolls at a time.  That's about 12-14 lbs     
total weight.  I have one customer who managed to carry  5 newborn-sized reborn dolls in one large bag!   What's special about these bags is that they turn into a baby bassinet.  Each bag has a pocket inside for your wallet and cellphone.  . They can be used as a shopping bag, beach bag, or just an everyday tote.  My customers call their Dizon Designs bag their "all-around" bag.

Prices range from $75 - $150, depending on the   
material and design.

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